How Might Balance of Power Change in Syria Under the Biden Administration?

The return of Obama-era Middle East hawks in the new Biden administration spells danger for Syria, notes Ghassan Kadi, a political analyst of Syrian descent, adding there’s not much room for manoeuvre left for Washington in the region.

On 20 January, Damascus sent its first message to newly sworn-in US President Joe Biden. Addressing a virtual session of the UN Security Council Syrian permanent representative to the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari urged the White House to “stop acts of aggression and occupation”, withdraw American troops from the region, and halt any attempts “to threaten Syria’s sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity”.

Trump’s Withdrawal from Syria Reversed

To assess the current balance of forces in the Syrian Arab Republic one needs to take a look where each major player stands, according to Ghassan Kadi, a Middle East expert and political analyst of Syrian descent. In reference to the Syrian government, Russia, Iran, Turkey, and the US coalition, he says: 

The new administration’s official foreign policy agenda does not envisage withdrawing US troops from the region anytime soon. Quite the contrary, it vows to:

·         “recommit to standing with civil society and pro-democracy partners on the ground”;

·         “ensure the US is leading the global coalition to defeat ISIS* and use what leverage [the US has] in the region to help shape a political settlement to give more Syrians a voice”;

·         “press all…

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