Yemen Might Be Miles Away But Its Threat to Israel is Real, This is Why

Middle East

A Sanaa-based journalist reportedly linked to the Houthis warns israel that the rebels possess advanced weapons capable of reaching deep inside Israeli territory. What could trigger such an attack? “Any direct or indirect involvement by israel in the war against Yemen”, he says.

As if the constant threat of Hamas militants from Gaza was not enough, Israel is now facing another challenge – this time emanating from thousands of kilometres away in Yemen.

Recent reports suggest Yemen’s Houthi rebels, considered an ally of Iran and consequently an enemy of Israel, have received a number of unmanned aircraft loaded with explosives that are capable of reaching targets outside the Gulf, potentially posing a threat to the Jewish state.

But even before those reports came to light, the Israeli media had warned that the Jewish state should not underestimate the capabilities of the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Real Threat

Hussein Al Bukhaiti, a Yemeni journalist, believed to have ties to the Houthis, says that from the information he possesses the Houthi rebels do have a number of drones and even long-range ballistic missiles “that can reach any target” within Israel.

And so does Israel. Two weeks ago, the Israeli military deployed its Iron Dome and Patriot air defence systems in the southern city of Eilat for fear of a potential strike from Yemen. Other reports suggested that the Jewish state was following the situation in…

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