US Troops to Remain on Mexico Border as ‘Digital Wall’ Likely to Replace Trump’s Barrier


While the new Biden administration quickly sheds much of former US President Donald Trump’s more unpopular policies, secretive agreements reportedly signed just days before Trump left office between the Department of Homeland Security and authorities in several US states could block significant changes in immigration policy for months.

In an executive order made just hours after his inauguration last week, US President Joe Biden ended the state of emergency at the US-Mexico border that was previously declared by former President Donald Trump to justify special appropriations of cash for his pet border-wall project.

Troops Stay at Border

The militarization of the US border with Mexico is not likely to end anytime soon, however, as the Military Times reported on Monday that the mission of the roughly 3,000 US troops stationed in the region in support of US Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) efforts “will continue as normal,” according to a Pentagon spokesperson.

As a result of Biden’s executive order, various projects authorized by the Trump declaration are being reviewed by the new administration. If the legislation Biden sent to Congress the next day is an indicator, his policy is not likely to differ much from that of his predecessors – and could even carry new and dangerous threats to American civil liberties.

Jessica Bolter, associate policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, told The Nation…

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