‘It’s Bloody Serious’: Swedish Armed Forces Launch Free Period Products for Conscripts


While the goal of the campaign is to present the military as an open and inclusive workplace, it also raised eyebrows over what is seen as identity politics.

In a new feminist campaign on social media, the Swedish Armed Forces have informed that free period products are being distributed to conscripts as part of their equipment.

The purpose of the campaign, according to the military, is to “show the target group of women aged 15 to 23 that the military is a modern workplace where everyone should have the same conditions to solve their tasks”.

“It’s bloody serious”, the slogan of the campaign available on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat reads.

In the same way that different environments, tasks, or weather demand solutions of their own, neither should menstruation “be an obstacle to the soldiers’ combat value”, the Swedish Armed Forces explained.

“This is a good way to tell the target group about one of the many things that are being done to provide better conditions for women in the Armed Forces. This is only a small part of a larger project to achieve an equal supply of equipment. It is basically a matter of everyone, regardless of gender, having the same conditions to act to the best of their best ability”, the Swedish Armed Forces PR manager Johan Landeström explained.

The military’s goal is to employ more women, and the idea is that by 2025 30 percent of conscripts will be female.

Minister for Gender Equality Åsa Lindhagen of the Green…

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