Online ‘Chatter’ Reportedly Threatens Lives of Legislators Ahead of Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial

As the date set for the second trial of former President Donald Trump approaches, reports suggest there has been menacing ‘chatter’ indicating potential danger to the lives of legislators, writes The Associated Press, citing a US official speaking on condition of anonymity.

Federal law enforcement officials are currently probing a number of threats targeting members of Congress, claims the source. There are concerns that legislators might be attacked outside the US Capitol, or even killed.

Reports are also being followed up indicating that armed protesters could reassemble in another attempt to breach the Capitol building. The latter concerns have prompted US Capitol police and other federal law enforcement to urge that thousands of National Guard troops remain in Washington ahead of the Senate trial, added the source.

The ostensible threats, varying in specificity and credibility, according to the source, were predominantly identified online and in chat groups, and are believed to be similar to those intercepted by investigators prior to President Joe Biden’s inauguration on 20 January.

Intercepted messages have purportedly included plots to attack members of Congress during travel to and from the Capitol during the trial. The official added that the investigation was ongoing.

Unprecedented Security

In the wake of the Capitol riots on 6 January, as the joint sitting of Congress had gathered to certify the Electoral College votes confirming Democrat Joe Biden’s…

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