Iranian Commander Says Country Has Amassed Enough Missile Firepower to Eliminate Any US Threat

The Islamic Republic has accumulated a vast arsenal of ballistic and cruise missiles, most of them domestically sourced. Earlier this month, on the eve of Joe Biden’s inauguration, the country staged large-scale missile drills in southeastern Iran and the northern Indian Ocean simulating large-scale combat against enemy naval forces.

Despite its size, technological capability, and firepower, the United States Navy – the primary means by which Washington projects power abroad, is no longer an existential threat to Iran thanks to Tehran’s large missile deterrent, Gen. Rahim Noei-Aghdam, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Hazrat Zeinab military base, has indicated.

“In contrast to the American forces in West Asia, which are unable to act, the intelligence, mobility, fighting, power, strength, cohesion, unity, and morale of the forces of the Resistance Front, especially the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, are well known,” Noei-Aghdam added.

The “Resistance Front” is a reference to the loose political alliance also known as the Axis of Resistance, which includes Iran, Syria, Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Forces, and the Lebanese political and militant group Hezbollah. All of these forces have cooperated in recent years to combat a range of threats, from jihadist militias including Daesh (ISIS)* and al-Qaeda* in Iraq and Syria to Israeli troops in Lebanon.

Earlier this month, as Iran prepared for large-scale ballistic and cruise…

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