Rahul Gandhi slams PM Modi, says Chinese troops occupying Indian territory

Continuing to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his second day of campaign in Tamil Nadu, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday alleged Chinese troops have occupied Indian territory and the man with “56 inch-chest” cannot even utter the name of the neighbouring country.

Addressing meetings here and in neighbouring Erode as part of three-day campaign tour of Tamil Nadu for the assembly elections to be held in the next few months, he also repeated his charge that Modi governed the country for just five or six
business people.

The Central government was not for the farmers, labourers or the Micro Small or Medium Enterprises, that are the nation’s future and abound in this region of the state, Gandhi, on a campaign tour of western districts, said.

“For the first time, the Indian people can see that Chinese troops have occupied Indian territory. As we speak today, thousands of Chinese troops are occupying our territory and the man with a 56-inch chest cannot even say the word China. That is the reality of our country,” he said.

Taking forward his ‘Tamil language and culture’ pitch to connect with the people and attack the BJP, the Congress MP said he wanted to be the soldier of the Tamil people in Delhi and reiterated that he would not allow the Saffron party to
disregard Tamil culture.

Gandhi, who also addressed people from his vehicle at some places during a roadshow, accused the BJP of trying to impose one culture one and language on people…

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