Syria Pens Letter to UN Demanding Accountability for Israel Over Latest Round of Airstrikes

Middle East

Four civilians were killed and four others injured in a missile attack in Hama province Friday morning that was allegedly carried out by Israel, with Syrian media reporting that three houses in Hama City were destroyed, and the Syrian military indicating that it managed to intercept most of the incoming projectiles before they struck their targets.

Syria’s Foreign Ministry sent letters to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the Security Council and the UN’s Human Rights Council in the wake of the latest Israeli air attack on the war-torn country.

“While the Syrian Arab Republic calls upon the UN and the Human Rights Council to assume their responsibility and condemn these Israeli aggressions that pose a new threat to the security and stability of the region, it affirms its determination to defend the sanctity and sovereignty of the Syrian territories and to protect its people from those aggressions in all legitimate means guaranteed by the international norms and charters,” the appeal adds.

According to the foreign ministry, Friday’s assault was one of over fifty attacks carried out in the space of less than a year, with other strikes also claiming the lives of civilians and destroying their property. These continued strikes are a “clear violation” of Syrians’ human rights and of international law, and an attack against Syrians’ right to live in peace and security, the…

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