Same Country, Different Hair: Britain Courting New ‘Special Relationship’ Partner in White House


The upkeep of close ties between the United States and Britain has been a tough gig, going through its ups and downs in the last few years.​ Following the inauguration of Joe Biden as the new US president, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a number of issues to consider before planning a first date.

It seems that by the time Downing Street figured out how to manage its relationship with the White House under Donald Trump, the time has come to decipher the agenda of the new US president and his intentions with Britain.

Vital Issues

Post-Brexit partnerships, NATO cooperation, eradication of Covid-19 and environmental protection are among crucial issues, London hopes to work on with new partners in Washington.

​Johnson also welcomed the new US administration’s decision to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, which agrees with the PM’s environmental agenda and ambitious Green Industrial Revolution plan. 

​In his foreign policy platform, Biden vowed to keep “NATO’s military capabilities sharp” and called on “NATO nations to recommit to their responsibilities as members of a democratic alliance”. The policy is in high contrast to his predecessor’s criticism of the Alliance and branding it as “obsolete.”

Biden’s plans to support NATO were welcomed by Johnson in his recent comment, which stressed that just like “Joe”, Boris believed “strongly” in NATO.

The British leader’s…

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