Is DC Facing Long Term Military Occupation?

Residents of the nation’s Capitol face a Baghdad-style occupation as the US secret service has incorporated the term “Green Zone” into its inauguration security map.

Dr. Colin Campbell, Washington, DC, senior news correspondent, joins us to discuss the military occupation of Washington DC. Twenty-five thousand military troops accompanied with razor wire and checkpoints now inhabit Capitol Hill and it’s surrounding neighborhoods. Civil libertarians and anti-war activists are concerned that the normally bustling yet peaceful K street corridor has been dubbed the “Green Zone” by the US Secret Service and now resembles any number of US military bases in occupied nations around the world.

Dr. Jack Rasmus, professor in the Economics and Politics Departments at St. Mary’s College of California, joins us to discuss President-elect Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Dr. Jack argues that the economy is in the process of a slow crash and that the December stimulus package was far too little. He reviews the Biden package piece by piece and adds that the Democrats should be concerned that the covid related economic devastation may precipitate a 2008 style meltdown of the banking system.

Leo Flores, Latin America coordinator for Code Pink, joins us to discuss indicators of Joe Biden’s policies towards Latin America. Joe Biden has invited former Exxon Lawyer Carlos Vecchio who also serves as Juan Guaido’s envoy in Washington. Vecchio is currently wanted in Venezuela in connection…

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