‘Defeated, Isolated and Broken’: Iran’s FM Zarif, Zainab Soleimani Taunt Departing POTUS Trump

The final days of Donald Trump’s presidential administration featured combat drills by both US and Iranian forces in the Middle East, including a flyover by nuclear-capable B-52H Stratofortress bombers and an Iranian ballistic missile test that splashed down near US warships.

On Donald Trump’s last day in office as US President, two Iranian figures conjured the memory of Maj. Gen. Qasem Soliemani, who commanded Iran’s elite Quds Force until he was assassinated at Trump’s order in January 2020.

​“But the memories of Gen Soleimani & the 1000s murdered, maimed & starved of food & meds by Trump’s state—& economic—terrorism & crimes against humanity, will shine on,” Zarif wrote, adding that “Perhaps new folks in DC have learned.”

On Wednesday in the United States, US President Joe Biden was sworn into office in a heavily muted ceremony in Washington, DC. Just weeks earlier, supporters of Trump mounted an armed insurrection and stormed the US Capitol building, dispersing Congress but failing in their objective to halt certification of the November 2020 election results that showed Biden as the winner. Unprecedented heavy security hung over the event, including miles of barricades surrounding the federal district downtown and a garrison of 25,000 troops to ward off any potential violent actions.

Soleimani’s daughter Zaynab also added her voice to the chorus of condemnation, writing in a Wednesday post retweeted by Zarif that she was glad to see him leave…

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