Migrant Caravan Clashes With Guatemalan Forces After Biden Team Warns Against Coming to US

Guatemalan Foreign Minister Pedro Brolo accused Honduras of failing to keep commitments it made to warn its Central American neighbours and the US of new migrant caravans and help with the safe return of the marchers to their home countries.

Members of the latest Central American migrant caravan have agreed to return to Honduras after clashes with Guatemalan security forces. 

That was after US president-elect Joe Biden’s nascent administration warned the travellers to turn back, dashing hopes that US immigration policy would change with the government in Washington.

An unspecified number of the would-be immigrants to the US agreed to turn back after a failed attempt to force a path through phalanxes of police and troops in the hamlet of Rio Hondo, Chiquimula province, near the Honduran border.

Police fired teargas and used riot shields to push back the marchers. Several were injured.

A separate group of 800 migrants were confronted by authorities further north up the CA 10 road in the town of Rio Hondo in neighbouring Zacapa province.

Guatemalan daily newspaper Prensa Libre reported that authorities had deported 1,383 members of the caravan by the end of Sunday and at least 1,500 on Monday alone. 

On Monday President Alejandro Giammattei’s government accused Honduras of failing to meet commitments it made to Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, the US and the United Nations on the caravans tat began in 2018. Those included issuing calls for combined preparations against…

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