US House Intelligence Committee Launches Investigation Into Capitol Storming

On 6 January a pro-Trump rally in Washington DC turned into violent uprising that struck the US Capitol, resulting in five deaths and widespread damage. Many former and acting military and law enforcement members were involved and speculation has followed that the protesters had inside support.

The US House Intelligence Committee has initiated an inquiry into the deadly 6 January attack at the US Capitol, according to a letter addressed to FBI Director Chris Wray, the current director of national intelligence, John Ratcliffe, and other top intelligence officials.

The committee requested “relevant documents, and schedule briefings” from law enforcement agencies to clarify whether “systemic failures” occurred during the riot.

As the document reads, the committee will investigate what elements US federal intelligence agencies knew about threats of violence “before, during and after the insurrection.”

In addition, the committee will look into whether there are security clearance holders who participated in the attack. The chairmen also requested information about measures taken to “identify, apprehend or prevent the travel” of those who particpated.

Apart from the Intelligence Committee, data from law enforcement and intelligence agencies was requested from three other US House committees – the Committee on Homeland Security, the Judiciary Committee and the Committee on Oversight and Reform.

The document reflects recent reports alleging that the FBI and the…

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