Retired Four-Star US Army General Compares ‘Radical’ Pro-Trump Protestors to Al-Qaeda


Earlier this month, the United States Capitol Building was stormed by a group of Trump-supporters, who believed the outgoing president’s claims that the November 2020 election was stolen through fraudulent means.

Retired Army General Stanley McChrystal compared the violent pro-Trump rioters to Al-Qaeda*, suggesting that both movements had a “powerful leader” who “justified their violence'”, and warned that radicalism in the US could result in an insurgency . 

McChrystal, who formerly commanded US troops in Afghanistan, suggested specific parallels between the rise of the Islamist terrorist group and those who stormed the US Capitol last week, a violent attack that killed five.

Speaking to Yahoo News on Saturday, McChrystal noted that Trump has “legitimised” the increasing radicalism of his base with his so-called Stop the Steal slogan.

The top military chief warned that “the fabric of something very dangerous has been woven” and the US will feel the repercussions long after Trump leaves office. McChrystal added that the recent domestic attack reminded him of an emerging terrorist organisation.

The four-star general, largely credited with overseeing the airstrike that killed Iraqi Al Qaeda leader Musab al-Zarqawi, compared claims that the November 2020 election was stolen to the myth of ‘Lost Cause’ adopted by followers of the Confederate Army after their defeat in the American Civil War.

The retired general…

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