Capitol Raiders Interrogated by FBI Say Cop Told Them ‘It’s Your House Now’ Out of Fear for His Life


On Friday, AP reported that it had identified at least 21 current and former soldiers and law enforcement officers among the protesters who stormed the Capitol building on 6 January. The incident left four protesters and one cop dead, and led the House of Representatives to impeach President Trump on the charge of “incitement to insurrection.”

A pair of Trump supporters detained by the authorities in connection with their involvement in the storming of the Capitol last week told the FBI a police officer greeted them and told them “it’s your house now” as they made their way into the building, a complaint filed earlier this week says.

The men, Robert Bauer of Kentucky and his cousin Edward Hemenway from Winchester, Virginia, told agents that the officer may have greeted them in the way he did out of fear.

Both men also reported entering a circular room with pillars, with Bauer saying he chanted “stop the steal” and took photos and videos. Hemenway said he thought he heard people fighting with police but said he did not approach close enough to witness anything personally.

The men appeared in a federal court on Friday, pleading not guilty of trespassing and knowingly entering a restricted area.

According to the FBI, Hemenway entered the building out of “curiosity” and “stupidity,” and said he knew that being in the building was “wrong.”

One Capitol police officer succumbed to his injuries…

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