Not If But When? Swedes Confused by Fear-Mongering Miniseries About Future War

The miniseries, released by the Swedish Armed Forces, invokes an atmosphere of uncertainty amid environmental crises and “grey zone” undertakings by Sweden’s enemies, who use psyops and disinformation campaigns.

The TV series “When the War Comes”, released through the Swedish Armed Forces’ YouTube channel, has raised many eyebrows in the Nordic country.

The documentary-tutorial crossover admittedly intends to remedy the low awareness about the tasks facing the armed forces and Sweden’s defence policy issues in general. It not only features Russia as one of the potential threats facing the country, but also anticipates a drastic expansion of the Swedish military in the coming years.

The idea behind the series is to present the Swedish public with an updated concept of warfare, that has changed a lot since the Cold War era due to technological advances and security policy shifts, and explain how Sweden would fare in the event of a conflict, ranging from hybrid warfare to a full-blown war.

Russia is mentioned in one of the episodes as an example of a threat due to its “assertive” and “unpredictable” behaviour. This includes the so-called “annexation” of Crimea, which is how Swedish media and politicians tend to describe the peninsula’s re-unification with mainland Russia in the aftermath of a popular referendum.

The miniseries, hosted by TV anchor and producer Melker Becker, who is known for his military-related documentaries, invokes an atmosphere of…

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