IDF Reportedly Tasked With Creating ‘Military Option’ Against Iran in Case of Nuclear Escalation

Middle East

The Biden transition team has hinted at the need to return the United States to the Iran nuclear deal, which the Trump administration pulled out of in 2018. Tehran has cautiously welcomed the idea, but only if the US drops its anti-Iran sanctions, and does not attempt to tie negotiations to the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missile programme.

The Israeli military has been tasked with formulating “options” to counter Tehran’s alleged threat to Tel Aviv, including the possibility of military action against Iran, Defence Minister Benny Gantz has told israel Hayom.

Iran has made progress in recent years in terms of research and development, both on enriched material and offensive capabilities, and has a regime that really wants nuclear weapons,” Gantz said.

Gantz did not offer any specifics about what his “work” entails, or how close the plan is to completion.

israel Hayom says the Israel Defence Force’s Strategy and Third Circle Directorate, also known as the ‘Iran directorate’, has been asked to develop three options by which Israel could undermine Iran’s alleged nuclear efforts. The ‘military option’ is said to require billions of shekels in additional defence spending.

As evidence of Iran’s alleged aggressive intentions, Israel points to Tehran’s recent nuclear activity, including upping uranium enrichment from 4 or 5 percent to 20 percent, and the country’s plans to produce…

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