‘When the War Comes’ Miniseries by Swedish Armed Forces Features Russia as Threat

The series rotates around the idea of growing uncertainty due to climate change and the impact of technological development utilised by foreign countries in an adverse way.

The TV series “When the War Comes”, released by the Swedish Armed Forces’ YouTube channel, features Russia as one of the potential threats facing the country.

Each of the roughly ten-minute-long episodes hosted by anchor and producer Melker Becker, known for his defence-related documentaries, deals with the highlights of a potential war: Uncertain Future, Gray Zone, Future Battlefield, Global Defence, and What’s Worth Protecting.

The background to the series is the low level of knowledge about the tasks of the Armed Forces and defence policy issues in society, the Swedish military admitted. As the Swedish military is poised to grow and develop dramatically in the next few years, the series thus serves as an explanation for the increased funding.

The ambition behind the series is to describe how a conflict would affect Swedish society and what demands it would palce on Sweden’s future military defence. The overall message is that the Cold War-era concept of threats is outdated and that the country is facing new, more complex challenges, the military said.

Russia is mentioned in one of the episodes as an example of a threat due to its “assertive” and “unpredictable” behaviour. This includes the so-called “annexation” of Crimea, which is how Scandinavian media often refer to the…

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