‘My Life Has Been Turned Upside-Down’: Retired Navy SEAL on Capitol Siege Aftermath, FBI Inquiry


On 6 January, hudreds of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol as members of Congress were certifying the results of the 2020 Electoral College vote. The deadly attack saw 5 killed as well as widespread damage and vandalism. The FBI is now investigating those who took part in what is now regarded as an insurrection.

Adam Newbold, 45, a retired US Navy SEAL special operations soldier, has been interrogated by the FBI after a video in which he shared his thoughts regarding the violent 6 January insurrection went viral, ABC News reported on Wednesday.

The video was posted in Facebook shortly after the uprising, and the media platform subsequently deleted it, but not before a copy was obtained by ABC News. Newbold in the video stated that he was “proud” of having taken part in the attack, but condemned the violence.

He explained that he intention in taking part in the violent attacks was to make lawmakers “think twice about what they’re doing” and be left “shaking in their shoes.”

In an interview to ABC Newbold regretted his role in the deadly insurrection, and said that he is cooperating with the FBI.

Before departing to Washington DC for the 6 January attack, he urged subscribers on his social media to refrain from violence and remain respectful, as he was “not going down looking for a fight” and noting that law-enforcement are not the “enemies”.

Amid his new notoriety, Newbold posted a new 17-minute…

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