Vice-Admiral Craig Baines’ Flag Hoist Signal

As I today assume command from Vice-Admiral McDonald, I would like to recognize the significant leadership that my shipmate has provided to the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) throughout his command and through these unprecedented times. I also want to state what an honour and a privilege it is to become the 37th commander of the Royal Canadian Navy. The greatest part of this honour is continuing to serve with the outstanding Canadians who wear a uniform on behalf of their country and the public servants who support them, often while working in hazardous environments far from home.

In my first message to you, the RCN, I wish to be clear and concise on where I will focus my energies and on my initial priorities. First and foremost, the keystone objective I want to articulate is that of “respect”. Respect for the RCN, respect for yourself, and most importantly, respect for your fellow shipmates. Our strength is in our diversity, and that strength hinges on greater inclusion. If we respect others as we respect ourselves, we will be the best organization we can be.

In support of this keystone objective, and in addition to our ongoing innovation in the areas of data and digitization (the digital vision that will enable everything we do), there are four over-arching areas/themes that will be a continuing priority going forward (known by the shorthand of “S3Charlie”):

a. sailors, public servants, and their families;
b. ships and submarines;
c. service; and
d. culture.

First, our…

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