US Counterintelligence Chief Calls for ‘Accountability’ by Police, Security for Capitol Insurrection


More than a dozen members of the US Capitol Police force have been suspended or are being investigated for alleged misconduct during the January 6 insurrection by supporters of US President Donald Trump that dispersed Congress and killed five people.

The US government’s counterintelligence chief said on Tuesday that people in the law enforcement and security communities are “going to have to be held accountable” for the January 6 insurrection in Washington, DC, which he said was driven by “home-grown violent extremism” similar to radical terrorist groups abroad.

Evanina added that “the perpetrators who stormed the Capitol” are “just about as un-American as we’ve seen in a long time.”

On Monday, two US Capitol Police officers were suspended for allegedly helping the pro-Trump insurrectionists to storm the national legislature last week, according to US Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), who noted another 10-15 officers are under investigation as well.

The US Justice Department said on Tuesday afternoon it expects “hundreds” of cases to soon be filed in connection with the uprising.

Numerous political figures, including US President-elect Joe Biden, whose election victory the insurrectionists attempted to void during the Wednesday putsch, have condemned the participants as “domestic terrorists.” Evanina noted the term is imprecise, but agreed there were similarities.

Thousands of Trump supporters mobbed the US Capitol on the…

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