Capitol Police Reportedly Brief House Dems on Three Planned Attacks on Capitol Ahead of Inauguration


The Capitol Police and the National Guard have been bracing themselves for new mass protests ahead of and during Joe Biden’s inauguration. Law enforcement has nearly doubled the security detail for the ceremony after the 6 January attack of pro-Trump protesters on the Congress building.

The US House Democrats were briefed by the Capitol Police on the possibility of three attacks on Congress taking place in Washington DC in the coming days, one of the lawmakers anonymously confided to the Huffington Post. Law enforcement officers are reportedly prepared to face tens of thousands of pro-Trump protesters arriving in the capital and presumably trying to seize control of the White House and the Supreme Court.

Law enforcement officers, who have been working with the National Guard lately to secure the Capitol Hill and prepare it for 20 January inauguration ceremony, reportedly said they were mostly concerned over the demonstrators’ alleged plan to surround the Capitol and prevent the Democrats from entering it, with the use of violence if needed. Their presumed goal is to allow Republicans to take control of the government, the media outlet’s source claimed.

According to the anonymous Democrat, one of the Capitol Hill protests allegedly being prepared will be held in honour of US Air Force Veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was shot dead during the bloody storming of the Congress building on 6 January, which claimed life of five…

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