New workplace harassment and violence prevention regulations for Defence Team public servants (Bill C-65 (42-1))

Here you will find information regarding the latest regulations on workplace harassment and violence prevention within the Department of National Defence (DND), Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the rest of the federal public service.

To strengthen the policies that keep our employees safe, the Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations (WHVPR), under the Canada Labour Code, have been amended and will come into effect on Jan. 1, 2021. The changes will expand the existing Prevention of Violence framework. Known as Bill C-65 (42-1) – CLC part II, these amendments will strengthen provisions in the Canada Labour Code by putting in place one comprehensive approach that takes all forms of harassment and violence into consideration.It is important to note that the new regulations take effect as of January 1, 2021.

They will apply to all DND Public Service employees and Canadian Armed Forces members (CAF members) involved in an occurrence with a DND employee, or any person granted access to the workplace. The VCDS has been tasked with addressing the potential changes to the CAF policies and programs. For now, DAOD 5012-0 Harassment Prevention and Resolution, and the Harassment Prevention and Resolution Instructions – PDF version (accessible only on the National Defence network), will continue to apply when occurrence only involves CAF members.

Early in the new year, a working group will be stood up to conduct a holistic review of the CAF harassment…

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