US Intel on Russia, But Not Trump Mob?

Many embarrassing questions are being asked about how thousands of Trump supporters – some of them reportedly armed – were able to over-run the seat of American government this week.

People within the United States and around the world have been shocked by the chaotic scenes of lawmakers forced to run for cover as the Capitol building was taken over by fascist-style mobs braying “USA, USA, USA”.

Politicians have condemned the violence as “domestic terrorism” and “an assault on democracy”.

A pressing question is why the iconic Capitol – the legislative centre of American government – was so lightly protected? Throngs of angry protesters egged on by Republican President Donald Trump were able to march down Pennsylvania Avenue and proceed to push aside police officers and security barriers before storming into the congressional chambers.

Among the protesters were white supremacist groups like Proud Boys and other Neo-fascist networks. For weeks, these same groups have been openly threatening to rally at the Capitol on January 6, the day that a joint session of lawmakers from the House and Senate were due to confirm the presidential election of Democrat rival Joe Biden.

Given the abundant signals of a planned assault on the heart of Washington, why was the Capitol so inadequately defended with barely a handful cops many of whom seemed to be unarmed?

The contrast has been made to when Black Lives Matter protesters gathered in Washington back in June to…

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