Pentagon to Deploy More National Guardsmen to DC After Insurrection Than During BLM Protests


While the cost of repairing the extensive damage done to the interior and exterior of the US Capitol in the Wednesday insurrection is not yet tallied, the bill will ultimately be footed by taxpayers because the historic structure is uninsured.

In the wake of the violent insurrection by supporters of US President Donald Trump who stormed and ransacked the US Capitol building on Wednesday, the Pentagon has moved thousands of troops into the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. They will reportedly stay through the end of the month to ensure a peaceful transition of power.

McCarthy noted that in addition to the entire DC National Guard, soldiers from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York would be present.

By Friday, more than 850 troops had been stationed around the US Capitol building, around which they helped construct a 7-foot-high non-scalable fence similar to that built around the White House and Lafayette Park last June, when Black Lives Matter protests rocked the city.

The January National Guard deployment is also more troops than were brought into the city last year, which according to CNN was roughly 5,000 guardsmen. However, Trump also personally ordered the deployment of hundreds of federal police officers to the city in addition to the regular DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers, and the US Army stationed 1,600 active duty troops near Washington in addition to the guardsmen. Trump reportedly wanted…

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