‘Feel Like I Acted Correctly’: Pardoned by Trump, One of Blackwater Contractors Opens Up on His Case


The decision by the outgoing US president, Donald Trump, to pardon four Blackwater military contractors convicted for killing unarmed Iraqi civilians in Baghdad in September 2007 has been met with intense criticism by many. Particularly, the UN said on Wednesday that the move to pardon the mercenaries is in violation of international law.

One of the pardoned American private military company Blackwater contractors, Evan Liberty, speaking to The Associated Press on Saturday, revealed that he feels that he acted correctly in the 2007 Baghdad shootings, after which he was convicted of killing unarmed Iraqi civilians.

Liberty claimed he understands that some people may feel he does not deserve clemency, but refers to what he describes as a misguided narrative of the shooting.

Trump granted his presidential pardon to the four mercenaries last week, and his decision sparked a wave of condemnation, particularly from the United Nations, as its Special Procedures department stated that the move to pardon the military contractors violated international law.

​In what appears to be his final days in the Oval Office, Trump has announced several pardons, particularly that granted for former campaign adviser Roger Stone, who was convicted in November 2019 on seven felony counts, including lying under oath, and Paul Manafort, who in 2018 was put behind bars after refusing to disclose his foreign bank accounts or register as a…

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