IRGC Says Iran Has ‘No Worries’ About Any Foreign Adversary as US Carrier Group Heads Home

Middle East

On Thursday, the Pentagon announced that the carrier strike group led by the USS Nimitz, the sole US aircraft carrier in the Middle East, would be heading home following a deployment of nearly 10 months. The drawdown comes despite rising tensions between the US and Iran, and the recent deployment of US bombers and a missile sub to the region.

Iran has no worries or concerns when it comes to any foreign power, and is prepared to defend its vital interests, Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, has said.

“Today, we have no problems, worries nor concerns to face any military power,” the IRGC commander emphasised.

Salami went on to suggest that the recent US decision to beef up its military activities in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman was connected to the “great mistake” it made by killing Soleimani, and the fear of a possible Iranian reaction on the anniversary. “They are taking a series of steps to save themselves from this horrible nightmare they feel, but we have braced ourselves for any scenario,” he said.

The commander also commented on sentiments expressed by other Iranian military leaders and diplomats this week about the possibility of Iran exacting “revenge” for Soleimani without the use of force. “Hard revenge is not a point but a path,” he said. “The hard path of revenge is the path of the collapse of the Zionist regime and the…

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