Zarif Says Iran Has Intelligence on US Plot to Fabricate Pretext for War

Middle East

Last week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo alleged that “Iran-backed militias” were responsible for a recent attack on the Baghdad Green Zone, which houses the US Embassy complex. The Islamic Republic and its allies vocally denied the claims, with Tehran suggesting the timing of the attack was “very suspicious.”

Iran “will openly and directly defend its people, security and vital interests” amid the US military buildup near its borders, and has received intelligence from Iraq of a “plot to fabricate [a] pretext for war,” Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has announced.

Zarif did not provide any further details about the evidence Iran had received. He previously taunted US President Donald Trump for posting a photo of unidentified rockets the US claimed pointed to Iran’s responsibility for the 20 December rocket attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad, suggesting Trump was using “a worthless photo to recklessly accuse Iran,” and recalling the “last time” the US “ruined” the Middle East by invading Iraq on a false pretext.

The 107mm shells posted by Trump bore English-language markings, leading to speculation about their actual origins. China manufactures a 107mm multiple rocket launcher known as the Type 63, with that system exported to dozens of countries around the world over many decades. In Iraq, it has been used by the Iraqi military, Iraqi Kurdistan forces, the Baghdad-allied Popular Mobilization…

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