Sudan Announces Retaking Border Area Once ‘Occupied’ by Ethiopian Forces, Farmers


Ethiopia was thrust into a localized civil war in early November after federal troops began an operation to take control of the Tigray region after local authorities disobeyed orders to postpone elections. As many as 50,000 civilians are believed to have fled to neighbouring Sudan, with which Ethiopia has a 744 km border.

Sudan’s military has restored control over the entirety of its border with Ethiopia, Sudanese Foreign Minister Omar Qamareddine has announced.

Earlier, army deputy chief of staff Lieut. Gen. Khaled Abdin al-Shami specified that recent fighting in the region had taken place “against members of the Ethiopian army, not [local Ethiopia-backed] militias, considering the use of large-scale and long-range weapons.”

Al-Shami said the army had regained numerous villages inhabited by Ethiopian militias, with farmlands taken in areas including al-Fashaqa, al-Kubra and al-fashaqa al-Sughra. “The armed forces have completely secured these areas and are ready to face any party contemplating attacks against them,” the senior officer said.

The past week has seen clashes over agricultural lands in the al-Fashqa region, a part of Sudan traditionally settled by Ethiopian farmers. Sudan has long accused Addis Ababa of supported local militia fighting for control of the border territory, which is said to contain over 2.5 million acres of fertile farmland. The Ethiopian government has denied these claims.

Khartoum announced the beefing…

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