‘News Flash: People Aren’t Naïve’: Tehran Slams US State Department Over Fresh Twitter Attack


Last week, the US Secretary of State accused “Iran-backed militias” of responsibility for an attack on the Baghdad Green Zone. Tehran dismissed the claims, calling the timing of the attack “suspicious” and stressing that its principled policy is to never target foreign diplomatic facilities.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh has taken to Twitter to attack Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for allegedly trying to cover up the failures of the Trump administration’s foreign policy vis-à-vis Iran by using “cheap propaganda”.

“News flash: People aren’t naïve. And the world has refused to be held hostage to your bullying. Good riddance,” the spokesman added.

On Tuesday, Pompeo fired off a fresh attack on Tehran on Twitter, accusing the “Iranian regime” of sowing “instability and terror, threatening the US and our allies”.

Pompeo accompanied the tweet with a three minute State Department video explaining the Trump administration’s policy toward Iran, reiterating tired claims about the Islamic Republic being the world’s “largest state sponsor of terrorism”, accusing Tehran of a host of crimes ranging from assassinations and illegal detentions to claims that the country carried out missile attacks against Saudi oil facilities in 2019. The video also echoed Israeli claims about Iran’s alleged “covert nuclear weapons programme”.

Iran maintains that it has no…

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