‘Global Britain’: How Will the UK Play Its ‘Sovereignty Card’ on the World Stage Post-Brexit?

The Brexit trade deal, which has been unanimously endorsed by European ambassadors in Brussels, is due to be voted on in the House of Commons on 30 December, just a day before the Brexit transition period expires. British academics have explained what goals the UK will pursue after closing the door on the EU.

From 1 January 2021, Britain will be on its own, which begs the question: what role will the UK play on the world stage in the post-Brexit era.

Following the 2016 Brexit referendum, Policy Exchange – a British influential think tank – outlined the UK’s foreign policy after Brexit. The think tank emphasised that many of the country’s objectives will remain unchanged and it will continue to be a member of international organisations including the UN, G7, NATO, “Five Eyes” intelligence sharing group, Commonwealth, and “broader network of strong alliances across the world.” At the same time the paper argued that Brexit will not lead to isolationism” or “little Englanderism,” stressing that the UK should pursue an active role in global affairs.

Post-Brexit Britain Will Stick to Old Alliances

Britain will continue to stick to its fundamental foreign policy objectives but will have a greater national autonomy and flexibility in decision-making, says Inderjeet Parmar, an international relations expert and professor of International Politics at City University.

At the same time, Britain will remain embedded in the Anglophone “Five Eyes” group, comprising the US,…

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