Priti Patel Vows More Secure UK Borders as EU Envoys Briefed on 1,250-Page Brexit Trade Deal


In mid-December, the UK government unveiled its 2025 Border Strategy, touted by London as a blueprint that would help the government turn Britain into a country with the most effective frontier in the world.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has pledged to strengthen British borders, saying the recently concluded EU-UK trade deal would authorise “firmer checks” on entry to the country.

Despite reports that Britain ruled out leaving the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in line with the agreement, Patel promised more government efforts to prevent foreign offenders from using ECHR provisions in order to dodge deportation.

The statement comes as the Daily Mail cited an unnamed EU source as saying that a security cooperation agreement, which is part of the London-Brussels trade deal, stipulates the UK not scrapping the European human rights laws.  

Although London will still have access to major European security agencies and databases to contain cross-border crime and terrorism, Brussels, for its part, warned that “direct, real-time access” to sensitive information will stop next year, according to a copy of the EU-UK trade deal obtained by the Daily Mail.

The deal specifically envisages Britain quitting the EU’s key security agency Interpol, as well as the European Arrest Warrant system and the bloc’s Schengen Information System II, which was repeatedly checked by US police in 2019.

UK Unveils New Border…

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