Media Claims White House Officials Worried Trump Might Abuse Power to Overturn Election


Recently, Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn suggested in an interview with Newsmax that the president should use the military to initiate a do-over election in swing states by introducing martial law there, claiming the latter would not be unheard of.

Senior White House officials are growing increasingly concerned over President Donald Trump “spending too much time” in talks with “crackpots or conspiracy theorists” presumably discussing ways to overturn the election results, Axios reported, citing anonymous officials. The sources accuse these “conspiracy nuts” of considering methods bordering on blatant abuse of power as means to achieve their goals.

One anonymous official told Axios that they are anxious about “how this ends” in light of POTUS “retweeting threats of putting politicians in jail” and talking to people who claim “declaring martial law is no big deal”. The White House official reportedly added that similar feelings are shared by many of their colleagues.

Calls for Military-Enforced Do-Over Election

It is not entirely clear to whom the Axios sources were referring as “conspiracy nuts”. However, the mentioned attitude towards martial law and its use as a means to redo the election was weighed in on by recently-pardoned General Michael Flynn during an interview with Newsmax.

Flynn, who has repeatedly peddled the theory that the election was “stolen” from Trump, suggested that POTUS should introduce martial law in…

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