French Fishermen Threaten to ‘Take Action’ if EU-UK Trade Talks ‘End Up’ With No Deal


On Monday, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier pointed out that a free trade deal between the UK and the EU was still possible but the issue of fishing rights remains a sticking point in the two sides’ ongoing negotiations.

Sky News has quoted a French fisherman as pledging that he and his fellow workers will retaliate against the UK possibly ending the Brexit transition period without a trade deal with the EU.

He added French fishermen are “really stressed” over the situation amid the ongoing EU-UK trade deal talks.

“Personally, I have €40,000 ($49,000) worth of lobster cages out in UK waters at the moment. We don’t know whether to leave them there or to bring them back. We’ve been told to take them out of UK waters before 1 January, and […] if Brexit really does happen [without a trade deal], then we are dead”, he concluded.

French Fishermen Pledge to Blockade Channel Ports

His remarks come a few days after French fishermen warned they will set up blockades in English Channel ports in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The fishermen said they would respond to having “zero access” to UK waters by blocking ships carrying vital goods from entering major ports such as Calais. 

Four Royal Navy gunboats are now reportedly on standby to stop EU trawlers accessing UK waters from 1 January if trade talks break down.

Responding to the move, Rogoff said that “sending warships would mean that we are negotiating things relating to war”. According to…

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