Invasion? Sweden Braces for Potential ‘Brutal’ Military Assault on Its Territory

Sweden has now announced a sweeping rearmament project that will see its defence budget skyrocket over the next few years.

The security situation has been deteriorating, so it would be wrong to rule out a military attack on Sweden and military actions on its territory, the country’s Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist outlined in an interview with the newspaper Dagens Nyheter, commenting on Sweden’s newly approved bill to boost its military spending.

While it was earlier thought that an attack on Sweden is “very unlikely”, now the parliament and the government say that such a scenario shouldn’t be dismissed and that a major conflict could “start with an offensive on Sweden”, he went on.

When attacking Sweden, in order to “create chaos and suppress the will for resistance”, the enemy may use a wide range of means – from ballistic missiles to hacking attacks, the government says, adding that swathes of Swedish land may “suffer from brutal military action”.

Many Swedes fail to see an answer to the question of why anyone would go ahead and attack Sweden at all. “For instance, in order to gain control over Gotland”, Hultqvist asserted. He explained, that if this large island in the Baltic houses long-range armaments, it will be possible to control the whole region, and to avert this scenario, Sweden must plan military operations jointly with Finland, as well as coordinate defence plans with regional NATO members, namely Denmark, Norway, the UK, and the…

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