RCN committed to improving environmental stewardship

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is committed to achieving the energy and environmental objectives required to meet its commitments under the Defence Energy and Environment Strategy (DEES), while maintaining a naval force that is “Ready to Help, Ready to Lead, Ready to Fight.”

In order to meet these objectives, the RCN has developed a Green Strategy to help improve environmental stewardship by setting out a vision for an embedded green culture across all its bases, activities and business, which will result in reducing the Navy’s environmental footprint. This includes initiatives that will contribute to improved energy efficiency, enhanced environmentally sustainable operations, increased green procurement and expanded sustainable workplace practices. 

“We are committed to achieving the goals and objectives set out in the DEES, as well as contributing towards achieving broader Government of Canada commitments outlined in the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy and the Greening Government Strategy,” said Vice-Admiral Art McDonald, Commander RCN, when recently asked about the Navy’s Green Strategy. “This will result in a steady state where our sailors and ships can operate globally with minimal negative impact on the environment.”

The RCN is applying its greening agenda to the operation of its current fleet and the transition to its future fleet, while implementing numerous specific environmental initiatives that support its Green Strategy.


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