EU Reportedly Blocks Ethiopia Aid Over Crisis in Tigray


The East African nation was thrust into civil conflict in early November, when federal troops began an operation to take control of the Tigray region after local authorities disobeyed a federal order to postpone elections due to coronavirus-related concerns. Tigray’s government dropped out of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s coalition in late 2019.

The European Union has delayed the delivery of 90 million euros (about $110 million US) in aid funds to Ethiopia over the ongoing crisis in Tigray, Reuters has reported, citing an internal document.

The assistance, provided in the form of a budget support payment to Ethiopia’s government, is part of an estimated average of 214 million euros laid out by the European bloc to the African nation each year.

Ethiopia, one of Africa’s most populous, strategically significant and economically promising nations, was plunged into civil conflict on 4 November, when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced a military operation in the northern region of Tigray after a falling out with the regional government – the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Federal troops announced that they had regained full control over the Tigray capital of Mekelle on 28 November. However, foreign observers have reported flashpoints of violence in the weeks since, with a United Nations security team recently getting shot at and detained while trying to access a refugee camp, with an Ethiopian government…

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