Shamima Begum Will Be ‘Treated as a Threat’ if She Returns to UK, Anti-Terror Commander Warns


The Daesh*-bride, who is reported now to be in a Syrian refugee camp, has been seeking to return to the United Kingdom after the fall of the terrorist regime last year.

Shamima Begum will be considered a threat and arrested if she is successful in her legal battle to return to the UK, a top counter-terrorism officer said on Monday.

According to the Evening Standard, Met Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said that anyone who had travelled to Syria and “said the things publicly that she’s said” should expect to be investigated and possibly prosecuted if they return to the country.

His comments follow a warning that the UK does not need to “import a greater problem” adding to the existing high-level terror threat by permitting former so-called Daesh foreign fighters and supporters back into the country.

He stressed that he considered the present policy of refusing entry “the right one” and the risk of allowing Jihadist fighters from Syria and elsewhere constitutes a “great concern”.

Basu expressed unease over the “resurgence” of Daesh and al-Qaeda and admitted he is “sceptical” about the success of deradicalisation programmes for extremist prisoners.

This applies to anyone who left the country to join Daesh. However, he warned that finding evidence to prosecute is often difficult and the best option available is to keep them out of the country.

The Assistant Commissioner claimed that few have tried to come back but there…

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