Alleged ‘Russian Drill’ Triggered False ‘Missile Launch’ Alarm at US Ramstein Base in Germany

America’s central European military installation, Ramstein Air Base in Germany, on 12 December alerted its personnel of a “real-world missile launch in the European theatre” only to later assess the incident as “part of a training exercise”, without offering any information regarding what triggered the warning.

A Russian military exercise is claimed to have recently triggered a ballistic “missile launch alert’ at the US Ramstein Air Base in Germany, according to multiple US defence officials cited by CNN.

On 12 December personnel at the base, as well as in the surrounding areas, had received computerised notifications of the alert, with a missile warning also sounded at Ramstein via a loudspeaker system.

After a brief spell of alarm, an all-clear was given, according to the officials, whose initial assessment was that the incident may have been triggered when highly classified US intelligence satellites detected a launch.

According to the cited sources, satellites tracking the infrared trail of ballistic missiles determined that four intercontinental missiles had been test-fired from a submerged Russian submarine in the Sea of Okhotsk off western Russia on Saturday.

On Monday, a statement by the US military in Europe, cited by the outlet, acknowledged that the US military had “received an alert via a warning notification system of a real-world missile launch. The control centre followed proper procedures and acted in a timely manner to provide rapid and accurate…

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