Bellingcat’s Navalny ‘Poisoning’ Report Created to Destroy Russia’s Nord Stream 2, Observers Say


Bellingcat, CNN, Der Spiegel, and The Insider claim that they have unearthed a “long-running FSB operation” to track Russian opposition blogger Alexei Navalny. It allegedly involves chemical weapons experts linked to the development of Novichok-type nerve agents. International observers have questioned the timing of the report, and its main target.

The timing of the media campaign promoting the Navalny poisoning narrative is “perfect as usual,” says British political analyst Marcus Godwyn. He highlights that Bellingcat’s report was released ahead of the US electoral vote, scheduled for 14 December, apparently serving as a “reminder to all Americans and especially those pulling the strings of power that they can never let their guard down when it comes to ‘evil, scheming Russia'”.

Judging from the Biden campaign rhetoric, “the course against Russia will be toughened”, suggests Stevan Gajic, a political scientist from the Institute of European Studies in Belgrade.

“I think Russia would be more and more isolated and targeted by the Biden administration if it comes to power and of course, by the loyal allies of NATO, especially the Baltic states, Poland and others”, he says.

Biden is not the only one to potentially profit from the Bellingcat inquiry: all so-called political elites in the West that are overwhelmingly anti-Russian and anti-Putin are likely to benefit from a poisoning narrative, according to Watzal.

Despite Chancellor Angela Merkel’s…

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