Ramstein Base Allegedly ‘On Their Toes’ After Alert of ‘Incoming Missile Launch’ Assessed as Drill

There has not yet been any information regarding what triggered the alert at the US Air Force base in Rhineland-Palatinate, southwestern Germany. The incident calling to mind an emergency alert in 2018 mistakenly warning of an incoming ballistic missile attack, dispatched to cellphones across Hawaii, that triggered widespread panic.

America’s central European military installation, Ramstein Air Base in Germany, alerted its personnel of a “real-world missile launch in the European theatre’ on 12 December.

After the proper procedure was followed and timely notifications issued to personnel, any threat to the base was ruled out as the military hub’s command issued a notice on Facebook stating “the missile launch was assessed to be part of a training exercise”.

The Command Post thanked all staff for their ‘quick response’ to ensure that the proper safety precautions be taken.

There is still negligible information regarding what early warning system triggered the alert, writes The War Zone, applauding the fact that the system worked effectively and the base took the threat seriously, potentially providing a case study for evaluating shortfalls in such procedures.

It adds that there are no details as to how well the installation staff observed proper procedure, or how effective the individual warning system was.

As to the source of the ‘training exercise” launch that caused the alarm, there is no clarification at this point, writes the outlet, suggesting that the base…

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