As COVID-19 Cases in Gaza Continue to Rise, Local Doctor Says Disaster is Just a Matter of Time

The Strip has already registered more than 26,000 coronavirus cases and over 160 deaths. And while the enclave is running out of essential equipment, a specialist working in one of the local hospitals says the Gazan government needs assistance or else the health crisis will continue to deepen.

israel says it is willing to help the authorities in the Gaza Strip curb the spread of the coronavirus by providing it with vaccines, Israeli media reported.

This is in exchange for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers believed to be held by Hamas, an Islamic group which the State of israel considers terrorists.

Last week an Egyptian security delegation visited the Strip and met with Hamas leadership to discuss a number of burning issues; the deteriorating health situation in the coastal enclave is thought to have topped their agenda.

Unmanageable Health Crisis

In recent weeks, the health crisis in Gaza started spiralling out of control. 

Reports suggest that the Strip registers a thousand new cases daily and that all the enclaves’ hospitals are currently occupied with coronavirus patients.

But Ahmed Al Najiy, a Palestinian doctor who specialises in treating COVID-19 at Gaza’s European Hospital, says that the situation is more acute than what’s currently reported.

The problem, says Al Najiy, is that the Gaza Strip that has already registered more than 26,000 patients and over 160 deaths, and has no means to fight the raging pandemic.

Recently it was reported that the enclave had…

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