US Media Names Five Features of Russia’s Su-57 That ‘Can Threaten NATO Assets’

Despite being assigned to the same generation of fighters as America’s F-35, Russia’s Su-57 is made with a focus not on stealth, but on excelling in air superiority and other combat scenarios, the media noted.

Russia’s first fifth-generation stealth fighter, the Sukhoi Su-57 has finally entered mass production and will soon be inducted into the country’s Air Force, as well as hitting world arms market some time later. Their introduction into the Russian military is apparently not good news for NATO, since the jet “can credibly threaten” its assets due to its exceptional capabilities in several areas, the magazine The National Interest noted in a recent article.

The outlet pinpointed five key features contributing to the jet’s supreme performance. According to the National Interest, the Su-57 was designed and built as a “class-leading” air superiority platform that excels in dogfighting scenarios and can outperform even the much-touted F-35 – America’s fifth-generation jet expected to become NATO’s main fighter in the future.

In addition, the jet boasts an outstanding integrated avionics package that includes electronically scanned array (AESA) radars and other systems that aid a pilot’s situational awareness, the journal said. According to the outlet, the Su-57’s design traded its stealth capabilities to focus on another aspect – finding, tracking, and destroying stealth targets. The 101KS Infrared Search and Track system on the aircraft serves the first two purposes,…

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