George Soros Slams Polish-Hungarian Win in EU Budget Talks as ‘Merkel’s Surrender’

Brussels was forced to back down on its “rule-of-law requirements”, originally imposed on member states so as to disburse pandemic relief funds, after Hungary and Poland suggested they could make the entire EU budget bill a no-go by vetoing it.

Hungarian-American philanthropist George Soros has referred to Hungary and Poland finally forcing the EU to abandon its move to make coronavirus relief conditional on the “rule of law” criteria as Germany’s “surrender”, according to an op-ed in Project Syndicate.

The financier, who has been sponsoring so-called “open society” causes all around the world, insisted the development was “the worst of all possible worlds”, proceeding to blame German Chancellor Angela Merkel personally for the outcome of the talks, saying she had “caved in to Hungarian and Polish extortion”.

He suggested Merkel was currently “something of the sole main decision-maker for the EU” as France’s Emmanuel Macron had been “temporarily distracted by the laicite issue”, Soros wrote, thereby referring to French secularism principles and the way they have of late been undermined by Islamist terror.

Poland and Hungary are “brazenly challenging the values on which the European Union has been built”, Soros went on in his strongly-worded rant, rounding it off by “expressing the moral outrage that people who believed in the EU as the protector of European and universal values must feel”.

Rule of Law: What’s in It

The European Commission initially introduced…

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