IDF Admits Conducting Operations in Syria, Claims to Have Slowed Iran’s Alleged ‘Entrenchment’ There

Syria has suffered from hundreds of airstrikes in recent years, but in most cases no one has claimed responsibility for them. Local media blame israel for the attacks, but Tel Aviv has officially acknowledged its involvement only in a few of the strikes, while leaving the rest without comment.

israel has managed to reduce Iran’s presence in Syria by conducting numerous operations on the territory of the sovereign state in 2020, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi claimed during a speech on 11 December. At the same time, Tehran denies having troops deployed in the Arab Republic, apart from military advisers.

Kochavi went on to reveal that Israel has conducted some 500 operations, ranging from airstrikes to clandestine operations, during 2020 in “six areas”, without elaborating which countries – aside from Syria – were among them. The IDF chief of staff noted that in some of the “areas”, the Israeli military has had to engage in operations on a daily basis, while in others, only occasionally.

Year of Israeli Cyber Operations and Mysterious Sabotage in Iran

The Israeli military head made another stunning revelation, admitting that Tel Aviv has engaged in offensive operations in the cybersphere, calling the latter “the most significant combat arena that has changed” in 2020. Kochavi, however, didn’t delve into the details of these operations.

Israel’s involvement in cyberattacks has been alleged on several occasions by media outlets during 2020. One of the most famous…

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