As Trump Brags He Started No Wars While in Office, What Military Actions Has he Launched?

Trump listed his historic 2018 summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, troop drawdowns around the world, and a (failed) ceasefire in Syria’s Idlib province as proof of his claim to being the least warlike US president in living memory.

US President Donald Trump has lauded his clean sheet for new wars in an apparent bid to win the Nobel Peace Prize – but can he really claim to deserve it?

With Democratic candidate Joe Biden looking likely to assume the presidency on 20 January next year, despite ongoing disputes over the 3 November election, Trump looks set to become the first US leader to serve a full term without sending US troops to fight in a major new war since Dwight D. Eisenhower – or maybe longer. 

Eisenhower deployed 15,000 troops to Lebanon during the 1958 crisis there, sent US military “advisers” to Vietnam, and approved US military involvement in the Bay of Pigs invasion of revolutionary Cuba. The Bay of Pigs operation ultimately went ahead without direct US military support under Eisenhower’s successor John F. Kennedy – and failed spectacularly. 

Trump tweeted on Friday in agreement with broadcaster Larry Elder, who argued his predecessor Barack Obama should hand his controversial 2009 Nobel Peace Prize award to the current president for his deal-making to normalise relations between Israel and four Arab nations.

Elder said Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry should make an “apology” for his previous assertion that “there will be no separate peace…

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