Super Soldiers Without Fear and Beyond Reproach: France Opens Way for Augmenting Its Military

Bionic soldiers on the battlefield may no longer be relegated to the confines of sci-fi flicks, as one NATO member has openly declared its intentions to look into the possibility of improving the bodies of its servicemen.

The ethical committee of the French Ministry of Armed Forces has allowed an array of scientific studies into the possibility of augmenting the combat capabilities of the country’s soldiers via technology and chemical substances, essentially enabling Paris to start its own “super-soldier” programme, should it chose so.

The committee justified the move by claiming that certain world powers are already working on similar projects, but stopped short of naming names. The report stressed that it was “imperative” to start “research into the enhanced soldier”, because otherwise Paris risks falling behind in terms of military technologies.

Enhanced Hearing, Cybernetic Arm-Cannons, and Implants

The report released by the ethical committee gave a general overview of the potential technologies that might be used to pump up French servicemen. Among them are an array of implants to serve various purposes – to boost “cerebral capacity”, automatically inject drugs that fight combat-induced stress, to track troops’ movements on the battlefield, or to simply identify friendly and enemy soldiers in the heat of a battle.

Another field of study is performance enhancing drugs, such as those that will keep soldiers awake for prolonged periods of time or will help them endure…

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