RCAF announces pilot for 2021 CF-18 Demonstration Team

December 7, 2020 – Winnipeg, Manitoba – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces

The Royal Canadian Air Force is pleased to announce the appointment of Captain Dan Deluce as the pilot for the 2021 CF-18 Demonstration Team.

Captain Deluce will wow audiences across Canada during the 2021 air show season. Captain Deluce was originally selected to fly with the CF-18 Demonstration Team in 2020 before the season was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19.

Captain Daniel Deluce

Captain Daniel Deluce has been an avid aviation fan his whole life. Coming from a large aviation family, he was especially interested in fighter aircraft growing up, thanks to his grandfather who was a Royal Canadian Air Force Hurricane pilot during the Second World War.

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Captain Deluce attended many airshows throughout his life and his fondest memories are of attending the Toronto airshow with his family. During which he was always envious of the people who got to fly above the crowds over his hometown.

Thanks to his father, a commercial pilot of forty years, Captain Deluce started flying aircraft as a child. Beginning with basic aircraft handling and aircraft attitudes, his father’s lessons eventually evolved into family trips flying small floatplanes into fishing camps with Daniel or one of his siblings at the controls. It was these early childhood experiences in aviation that led him to pursue his private pilot’s license at 16 years old.

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