‘Person We Need This Moment’: Joe Biden Reveals Why He Chose Lloyd Austin for Defence Secretary


Biden officially confirmed earlier in the day that he would be nominating Austin to serve as the 28th defence secretary, becoming the first African American to ever take the post in what Biden promised would be the most diverse administration in US history.

In an article published in The Atlantic on Tuesday, the presumed president-elect Joe Biden elaborates on the many reasons he chose to name retired Army General Lloyd Austin for secretary of defence.

In the op-ed, Biden shares a flashback to the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom, as he himself served as the vice president in the former  Obama Administration, praising Austin for “getting the job done” in Iraq. “He played a crucial role in bringing 150,000 American troops home from the theatre of war”, Biden says.

According to Biden, he has seen Austin both “in the field” and in the White House Situation Room. Since Austin was the first African American to lead the US army and command an entire theatre of war (in Iraq), Biden hailed it as as “another milestone in a barrier-breaking career” to nominate him for defence secretary, adding that Austin will ensure that the US military reflects the diversity of America.

Biden insisted that Austin is exactly the person America needs as it faces challenges now, apparently referring to the coronavirus pandemic. As an example, he referred to Austin’s experience overseeing logistical operations in Iraq, which would be helpful in…

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