Track and field for Masters Athletes 7: 400m Training Program

This is the seventh in a series of articles covering all aspects of Masters Athletes’ training and nutrition for track and field events. Here, we will take a look at how properly planned training will greatly impact your success.

400m Training Program

I must first thank everyone who has read all of my articles thus far. One part of my motivation since day one has been to attract new athletes to my sport, and the other is to educate. Since the technical terminology will keep coming back with each and every article I write, I just could not jump right into a training program without covering the basics first. The 400m program that I propose in this article forms the basis for my own personalized training plan. It is a canvas to work from that has all the proper distribution of exercises and energy systems needed to succeed at that particular distance. 

Programs exist for all distances and disciplines on the internet, and you must choose the one that will meet your needs. At first, I would recommend that you follow any established program for your distance or event pretty strictly. As time goes by, and you become more knowledgeable about training and your own abilities, the plan will require changes and updates to meet your specific aims and objectives.

Energy Systems Distribution

As I’ve said many times, training for the 400-metre is tough. In fact, this sprinting event is known to be one of the most gruelling tasks in track and field, and the training itself is…

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